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1-(4-METHOXYPHENYL) Piperazine

1-(4-METHOXYPHENYL) Piperazine The company is a well-reckoned #Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of premium quality #1-(4-METHOXYPHENYL)-Piperazine in India. 1-(4-Methoxyphenyl) piperazine (hydrochloride) is a piperazine derivative with euphoric, stimulant properties comparable to those produced by amphetamine.1,2 It is assumed to have a mixed mechanism of action, with serotonergic and dopamine antagonistic properties in a similar fashion to 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Also, its metabolism has been described.3,1 This product is intended for research and forensic purposes. Specification • CAS Registry No. -38212-30-5 • Molecular Weight -192.26 • Molecular Formula -C11H16N2O Physical Properties • Characteristics -Clear Light yellow oily liquid • Boiling point -192-197oC Technical Specifications • Purity by G.C -99% Min. • Moisture -0.15% Max • Solubility -Methanol , Water • Application -Intermediate of TERCONAZOLE • Packaging -Packed in 250Kgs. Net HDPE drums. #1-(4-METHOXYPHENYL)-Piperazine-manufacturer-in-india



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